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About us

Umweltinstitut München e.V.

The Munich Environmental Institute (Umweltinstitut München) was founded in 1986, shortly after the Chernobyl nuclear accident, with the objective of investigating and reducing environmental pollution as a whole. Its founding was motivated by the search for independent information on radiation exposure and the intention to minimize the health risks from Chernobyl. Since then independent measurements of the cesium content in food are regularly conducted and the results are published.

Soon after its founding, the activities of the Munich Environmental Institute were expanded to include other areas of investigation: energy conservation and renewable energies, indoor contamination, genetic engineering, electromagnetic pollution and consumer protection. General information including articles, fact-sheets and brochures on these topics is disseminated through presentations on our homepage www.umweltinstitut.org, printed materials, public talks, and individual expert advice.

The Munich Environmental Institute is a registered citizen based organization (CBO), also known as a non governmental organization (NGO) with about 10 employees. Our primary financial support comes from our 2000+ individual donors. Additionally, certain projects are financed by the City of Munich.

Developing independent positions

Our objective is to investigate and lower environmental risks through independent studies and risk evaluations of technologies with potential negative impact on the environment.

Independent research

With our measurements and research work we offer an independent review and critique of official information from governments and industry.

Expert advice

We share our knowledge with the public by providing individual expert advice and by making public presentations.

Broad information

We inform the public by:

  • Providing information on our homepage www.umweltinstitut.org and via a newsletter that we send out electronically

  • Informing our donors regularly about our work in a printed newsletter

  • Publishing our own research-studies

  • Presenting our findings in brochures, exhibitions, public talks and conferences

  • Media outreach - placing of stories and opinion pieces

Always up-to-date

We always keep the information on our homepage up-to-date. There you can find news about our different activities and research projects. You also can subscribe to our e-mail newsletter. The FAQ-section provides answers to frequently asked questions.


You can support our commitment to the environment and our independent institute by making a yearly donation. As a donor/member, you will receive all our updates and information on our new research and we will answer your individual questions concerning environmental pollution and other problems.

Activities and Areas of Concern

  • Critique of nuclear facilities, risks of nuclear technology, health effects of ionizing radiation

  • Measurements of natural and human-made radioactivity in food, plants, soil and construction materials. In-door radon measurements.

  • Regular publication of the results of our measurements on our homepage

Our aim:
Shut-down of nuclear power plants as quickly as possible. Minimizing the hazards of radioactive pollution. Efforts shall be directed towards energy efficiency and renewable energies.

Genetic engineering
  • The central conflict in the discussion about genetic engineering concern its use for food (agriculture) and labelling of GMO products.

Our aim:
We demand for agricultural production free from genetic modification. We support the use of sustainable technologies, organic agriculture and regional marketing.

Food / consumer protection
  • Expand ecological food production, labelling of food, consumer protection

Our aim:
To promote healthy, environmentally sound nutrition. We want water, soil and food free of pollutants.

Protection of nature and living beings
  • Preservation of plants and animals, the ecosystem and the biosphere

Our aim:
Preservation of nature and the intelligent use of land for agriculture and other human needs.

Agenda 21
  • The Munich Environmental Institute, together with the Agenda 21 office of the City of Munich, edits the journal "Münchner Stadtgespräche" (Munich city chat) which is the communication platform for the local Agenda 21 process.

  • The Munich Environmental Institute also created the web site www.muenchner-stadtgespraeche.de to inform people about all events concerning the Agenda 21 process in Munich. We also publish an electronic newsletter devoted to the implementation of Agenda 21.

Our aim:
A more profound understanding of the concept of sustainability by all Europeans, and indeed worldwide.

Energy and Climate Change
  • Examining measures to decrease the energy needs for heating private homes, e.g. through better insulation, energy efficiency and use of renewable energy

  • Reducing energy needs in transportation

  • Conserving energy wherever possible

  • Stabilizing the temperature on a natural and human-friendly level

Our aim:
Reduction of the emission of green house gases through energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy sources.

Umweltinstitut München e.V.

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